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Custom R&D Process: From Concept to Production
Welcome to our custom development process page to see how to turn your ideas into reality. With in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, our teams create individual solutions in all aspects. Collaboration is at our core, and we partner with you to deliver exceptional results. We don't just provide service, we become your trusted partner in the ever-changing innovation landscape.
Make your custom product step by step

#1 Send Request

  • Customer Concept Requirements/Drawings
  • Customer Sample

#2 Product Design

  • Structure Selection
  • CAE Analysis
  • Formulation Design

#3 Prototyping

  • Manual Prototyping
  • Manual Sample Fitting
  • Subjective Evaluation and NVH Testing
  • Tooling Sample Production

#4 Performance Verification

Tooling Sample Bench Verification
  • Vehicle Road Test
  • Vehicle NVH Evaluation and Appearance Evaluation

#5 Process Confirmation & Production

Design Freeze, Engineering Approved
  • OTS Approved
  • PPAP Approved
Batch Production
Keep Improve
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