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Wind Power Field


By utilizing TONGSOURCE's rubber sealing and damping products, the wind power industry can optimize turbine performance, increase reliability, and ensure efficient and sustainable renewable energy production.

Wind Power Parts

Wind power accessories series.

Sealing Capabilities

TONGSOURCE's products provide superior protection for critical wind turbine components, ensuring reliable operation by sealing out moisture, dust and contaminants.

Vibration Isolation

TONGSOURCE's solutions effectively absorb and isolate vibrations, reducing stress on wind turbine components, enhancing stability and extending the life of the turbine.

Weather Resistance

TONGSOURCE's products are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, maintaining their performance and sealing capabilities over time, ensuring reliable operation of wind turbines.

Reliability & Durability

TONGSOURCE prioritizes reliability and durability, using high-quality materials and precision manufacturing to minimize failure risks and maintenance requirements.
Cooperating Customers
"Highly impressed with TONGSOURCE's rubber sealing and damping products for wind turbines. They have significantly improved our turbine performance and reliability, even in challenging weather conditions. Great partnership!"
Wind Farm Operator - Australia
"As a leading renewable energy developer, we rely on TONGSOURCE's rubber sealing and damping solutions for our wind power projects. Their products have exceeded our expectations, enhancing the efficiency and longevity of our wind turbines. Excellent quality and service!"
Renewable Energy Developer - France
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R & D Capabilities

Cutting-Edge Research and Development

Huami New Materials Research Institute is a provincial-level R&D platform collaborating with top universities and research institutions. We focus on special rubber and plastic technology, conducting R&D for new materials, products, and processes.

With expertise in product testing and quality control, we employ a multi-disciplinary team and digital PLM system for synchronized development with OEMs, meeting industry-specific requirements through virtual and physical verification.

Commitment to Quality Excellence

Advanced quality testing equipment ensures comprehensive quality control from raw material entry to production and inspection. With a dedicated team and ISO certifications (ISO9001, IATF16949, AS9100D, GJB9001C), our continuous quality management enhances product quality.

Adhering to our quality policy, we prioritize product quality, technological innovation, standardized management, and customer satisfaction.
Quality Certification
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