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 Strong manufacturing and R&D capabilities.
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Unleashing Innovation With R&D
We pride ourselves on our strong research and development (R&D) capabilities that drive innovation and drive customer success. Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, enabling us to provide comprehensive and forward-looking solutions.
 R&D Characteristic Analysis
  • Static Characteristic Analysis
X Direction X Direction
Y Direction Y Direction
Z Direction Z Direction
  • Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics
  • Analysis of Strength Characteristics
The force exerted on the left and right brackets is 8 times the suspension preload, and the maximum stresses of the left and right brackets are 104.9MPa and 215.3MPa<280MPa respectively, meeting the strength requirements of the brackets. 
Note: The maximum stress of the bracket under 8 times the suspension load shall not exceed the yield strength of ZL201, 280MPa.
  • Static Characteristic Analysis of Anti-twist Tie Rod
  • Optimal Design of Engine Mounting System
1. Necessary Input Parameters for Mounting System Design Powertrain
Powertrain Parameters Value
Quality (kg)   262.05
Center of Mass Position (mm) (Vehicle Coordinate System) X -208.15
Y 57.96
Z 161.82
Moment of Inertia (kg.m^2) Ixx 18.40
Iyy 9.4
Izz 16.72
Product of Inertia Ixy -0.83
Iyz 2.34
Izx -0.95
Powertrain Position Parameters (Vehicle Coordinate System)
Suspension Name X Y Z
Engine Mount RHS -230 528 414.2
Engine Mount LHS -147 -428.45 266.9
Mount back 157.78 -63.5 -128.5
2. Optimized Suspension Stiffness
Mounting Stiffness (N/mm) Static Stiffness Dynamic Stiffness
Ku Kv Kw Ku* Kv* Kw*
Engine Mount RHS 134.4 134.4 164.8 188.16 188.16 230.72
Engine Mount LHS 159 64 240 226.6 89.6 336
Mount Back 192 11.2 3.2 262.8 15.68 4.48
3. Calculation Results of the Force and Displacement of the Mount in Each Direction in Each Working Condition
Suspension Preload Pre-displacement(mm) Support Reaction(N)
u v w u v w
Engine Mount RHS - 0.72 0 -8.33 97.09 0 1373.46
Engine Mount LHS - 0.86 0 -4.98 137.07 0 1194.63
Mount Back 1.22 0 0 -234.16 0 0
 Material R&D
  • Rubber
According to the use function of the product, we use the DOE method to design and verify the material formula to ensure the best and reasonable material formula.
Products Related to Rubber Materials
  • NR
  • CR
  • FPM
  • EPDM
  • ACM, AEM
  • SBR
  • NBR
  • VMQ
  • PU, TPU
  • HNBR
  • BR
  • IIR
  • ECO
  • Engineering Plastics
According to the use function of the product, we use the DOE method to design and verify the material formula to ensure the best and reasonable material formula.
Products Related to Plastic Materials
  • PA
  • PE
  • PC
  • ABS
  • PPO
  • PBT
  • PPS
  • PI
  • PEEK
  • PEI
  • LCP
 Mold Manufacturing
  • Experienced mold design and manufacturing team.
  • Software and hardware facilities widely used in the international manufacturing industry.
  • Sophisticated testing equipment.
  • Advanced technology.
 Trial Production Center
  • Experienced trial production team.
  • Independent production equipment.
  • Standard trial production procedure.
 Cost Control
The company has strong cost control ability and quality control ability.
1.The company has internationally advanced GK/E internal mixer, twinscrew extruder, and has an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of compound rubber and 60,000 tons of engineering plastic particles.
2.The company has established a stable supply relationship with LANXESS (ARLANXEO), Sinopec, Guangken and other major raw material manufacturers.
3.The company has its own mold design and development team and manufacturing workshop.
4.The company has the ability to verify the performance of rubber and plastic products, and has obtained the national CNAS L15377 accredited laboratory.
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