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 A global supplier of specialty rubber seals and shock absorbers.
 Strong manufacturing and R&D capabilities.
 More than 30 years of R&D and manufacturing experience.
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TONGSOURCE, a subsidiary of Huami Group, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of special rubber compounds, special modified plastic materials, and related products. Established in 1989, the company has been recognized as a "Little Giant" enterprise specializing in fine and new products by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
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 Mission: Seek a strong enterprise to gather a strong country, and plan a small fortune to accumulate great fortune.
 Goal: To make exquisite products and create an international brand.
 Core values: Seeking truth from facts, pioneering and innovating.
 Spirit: Seeking truth, being pragmatic, grasping, and working hard.
 Philosophy: Fulfill duties, take responsibilities, strive for excellence, and pursue perfection.
 Style: Resolutely implement and act immediately.
 Quality concept: High standard, refinement, zero defect.
 Marketing concept: Honesty and trustworthiness, and Mutual benefit.
 Concept of talents: Both ability and political integrity, unity of knowledge and action.
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WhatsApp: +86 16632937333 
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