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Unique Rubber Technological Innovation for CRRC: Achieving New Standards in Sealing and Damping while Effectively Reducing Costs

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As we all know, CRRC is a globally renowned manufacturer of high-speed trains and subway vehicles, with their products setting the industry's gold standard in terms of quality. However, in the precision design of their products, the issue of sealing and damping has always been a challenging hurdle to overcome, often accompanied by high costs.


In this context, our company - Huami New Materials - has fully leveraged our expertise and years of experience in rubber sealing and damping to successfully design and produce a range of innovative rubber products for CRRC.


Rubber Bearing

Our first product is the meticulously designed rubber bearing. We offer various structures of rubber bearings to cater to different vehicle types, meeting diverse requirements for stiffness adjustment, durability, aging resistance, and damping. Whether in high-speed trains or subways, this bearing plays a critical role in the coupler mechanism.

Rubber Support

The second product is the rubber support, which plays an essential role in connecting two sections of high-speed trains and subways. Along with our rubber bearings, it provides effective support to the cantilever, ensuring vehicle stability and safety.

Composition Of Rubber Sheet

The third product is our uniquely designed rubber stack, primarily applied at the connection point of two freight train sections. Installed vertically, it serves as a buffer for damping, ensuring the safety of cargo transportation.

Rubber Blocks

Lastly, we provide six rubber blocks in a set for subways, arranged in an upper, middle, and lower layer. Effectively damping and cushioning the connection point of two subway cars, this significantly enhances the operational stability and comfort of the subway.


Outstanding Supplier

While meeting CRRC's requirements for sealing and damping, we have successfully achieved cost-effectiveness. Our products, renowned for their excellent performance and reasonable prices, have earned high recognition from CRRC, and in 2020, we were awarded the title of "Outstanding Supplier," setting new standards in the entire industry.


Committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional services, Huami Rubber Technology is honored to contribute to CRRC's development. We will continue to innovate continuously, providing superior rubber sealing and damping solutions for China and the global railway transportation industry.

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