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Rubber Sealing and Damping Solution - Comprehensive Optimization for SANY Heavy Industry Wind Turbine Project

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Sany Heavy Industry Wind Power Machinery Project


SANY Heavy Industry, as a globally renowned manufacturer of engineering machinery, holds a significant position in the wind turbine industry. However, with the rapid development of the wind power sector, the reliability and stability of its machinery have become bottlenecks to further progress. Specifically, fixing and wear issues related to cables during wind turbine operation have emerged as urgent problems that need to be addressed.


To assist SANY Heavy Industry in resolving sealing, damping, cable fixing, and wear issues, our team delved deep into the working environment and usage requirements of their wind turbine project. Leveraging years of experience in the rubber component field, we tailored four high-quality rubber products specifically for SANY Heavy Industry:

Speed-Increase Gearbox Inner Bore Support

Gearbox Bore Support

To address cable conduit collisions resulting in cable damage and damping needs, we employed high-strength CPU and TPU materials to manufacture gearbox bore supports. These supports ensure a secure fixation of cable conduits while providing effective damping. This innovative design mitigates the impact of external vibrations on cable wires during wind turbine operation, reducing the risk of cable damage, prolonging cable lifespan, and ensuring stable equipment operation.

Cable Pipe Support Block

Cable Conduit Support Blocks

To tackle cable conduit collisions and wear, we developed wear-resistant CPU material support blocks with superior strength. The precise design and manufacturing of these support blocks facilitate smooth and tidy passage of cable conduits, eliminating collisions and friction, thereby enhancing the overall lifespan of cable conduits. Additionally, the damping effect of these support blocks provides strong support for the stable operation of the wind turbine project.

Rotor Over The Wire Reel

Rotor Line Pass Disc

To resolve cable entanglement and wear issues, we used CPU and TPU materials to produce rotor line pass discs. This product effectively secures cables, preventing cable entanglement and reducing cable wear, significantly lowering equipment maintenance costs. The material characteristics of the rotor line pass discs allow them to withstand complex and harsh working conditions, ensuring the long-term stable operation of the wind turbine.

Pipe Clamp

Clamp Two

To address cable gaps and inadequate fixation, we selected flame-retardant PA6 or PA66 (Nylon) materials to create reliable Clamp Two products. With complete fixation on both sides, cables are firmly protected by Clamp Two, preventing cable wobbling and loosening during high-speed operation. The application of Clamp Two provides additional safety assurance for SANY Heavy Industry's wind turbine project.

Results and Benefits

Through our tailored rubber sealing and damping solution, SANY Heavy Industry's wind turbine project has achieved significant results and benefits while ensuring quality:

  • Substantial reduction in cable damage risk: The application of gearbox bore support and cable conduit support blocks effectively reduces cable conduit collisions and friction-induced damage, prolonging cable lifespan.

  • Enhanced equipment stability: The rubber damping design ensures the wind turbine operates more smoothly at high speeds, lowering equipment maintenance frequency, and increasing production efficiency.

  • Reduced maintenance costs: The use of rotor line pass discs and Clamp Two effectively prevents cable entanglement and wear, reducing equipment maintenance and replacement costs.


Our rubber sealing and damping solution have brought comprehensive optimization and improvement to SANY Heavy Industry's wind turbine project. In providing high-quality products, we have also decreased maintenance costs while enhancing equipment stability and reliability. As experts in the rubber component field, we will continue to uphold principles of technological innovation and customer-centricity, offering customized solutions for various industries, and collectively driving progress and development in the industrial sector.

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