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Automotive Field

TONGSOURCE's products have excellent vibration isolation, noise reduction and sealing performance, and play a vital role in the automotive industry. They ensure a comfortable and quiet ride, enhance vehicle performance and contribute to the overall safety and durability of the car.

Construction Machinery

TONGSOURCE's product solutions can effectively absorb shock and vibration, thereby prolonging the service life of heavy machinery. They minimize component wear, prevent leaks and maintain peak performance, keeping construction equipment running smoothly and efficiently.

High-Speed Rail Field

The high-speed rail industry demands superior performance and reliability. TONGSOURCE's products meet these requirements by effectively reducing vibration, minimizing noise and providing excellent sealing ability. They help improve the safety, comfort and long-term durability of high-speed rail systems.


In aerospace, precision and reliability are critical. TONGSOURCE's product solutions ensure hermetic sealing, protect sensitive components from vibration and temperature changes, and contribute to the overall safety and performance of aircraft and spacecraft.


TONGSOURCE's products have excellent chemical resistance to prevent leaks and ensure the integrity of pipelines, storage tanks and other critical equipment. Their high durability and ability to withstand harsh environments make them ideal for refineries, chemical plants and storage facilities.

Truck Field

TONGSOURCE's product solutions have excellent shock absorption, vibration isolation and sealing performance, which enhance the performance, durability and safety of heavy-duty trucks in various industries such as logistics, construction and mining.

Agricultural Machine

Agricultural machinery operates in harsh environments and experiences constant vibration. TONGSOURCE's products can effectively reduce vibration and protect equipment components from wear and tear. They ensure optimum performance, prolong the life of agricultural machinery and contribute to efficient farming operations.

Wind Power

Turbines in the wind power industry rely on robust and durable components. TONGSOURCE's product solutions provide excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions, provide effective vibration isolation, and ensure proper sealing of wind turbine systems. They contribute to the reliable and long-lasting operation of wind power plants.

Valve Piping

The proper functioning of valves and pipelines is critical to several industries. TONGSOURCE's products provide reliable sealing performance, prevent leakage and ensure smooth operation. They are able to withstand high pressures, temperature changes and corrosive fluids.
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Industry Application

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